Friday, October 31, 2008

Learn and Memorize Anatomy and Physiology Terms the Easy Way

You are probably wondering if there any easy way to memorize anatomy and physiology terms. I wish there was some easy way. Back when I started studying the human anatomy I was one of those who had hard time memorizing those terms even in English not to mention Latin terms. I searched high and low for any method that could simplify the process of memorization for me. I have found a few simple tips that I want to share with you if you still have difficulties to memorize anatomy terms.

In my opinion human anatomy and physiology is a visual subject. It is better to learn it visually. If you have the opportunity to go to the lab and spend your time learning there it's the best way to study anatomy. Unfortunately not many of us have to opportunity to go to the lab. Therefore I chose to study anatomy on three dimensional rich-media visualization software. Do not underestimate the power of animation and illustration. This tip alone enabled me to learn human physiology and anatomy very rapidly.

Now back to the anatomy terms. It is not always easy to memorize such terms as fibula tibia. There is a huge list of such terms in anatomy. How do you memorize them? I use a tip they use to learn foreign language. Take number of index cards. Write the Latin term on one side of the card and it's meaning on other side. Start by looking at the word first, then flipping to the definition. Memorize the terms by going through the cards again and again. Alternate back and forth until you can define the term and then look at the definition first and name the term.

And last but not least you need to get a good anatomy and physiology study guide. It is very important to have a guide that holds you by your hand and walks you thorough the heap of information. To learn more techniques to memorize the terms visit Memorize Anatomy Terms

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